Charge 5 - Wireless Wi-Fi Charger

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 Charge your device in the Wi-Fi coverage area.

No wires and sockets. For $ 29.95.

Use it for wireless charging.

One of the most innovative

gadgets of 2018

Researchers from Charge5 invented a new method of charging that allows power to be wirelessly transmitted throughout a room, which means you can easily go about using your devices while you charge your battery.

The result of the 3-years researches is the innovative gadget that allows you to power your smartphone or even notebook without the use of cords, cables, or awkward charging pads.

Product features

  • No Wires

    Leave all your charging cables in the past. Charge5 brings you real freedom

  • Real Wireless Charging

    Scientists have been working for 3 years to create stable and reliable wireless Wi-Fi charger

  • Charge On The Go

    You can fill in your battery in every place connected to the private or public Wi-Fi network

  • High Security

    Last generation security system keeps your privacy protected from outside access

  • Android compatibility

    Charge5 MicroUSB Port makes it compatible with the wide range of popular Android devices

  • Best things come in small packages

    Produced from high-quality materials

Core Features

  • Take It Everywhere

    Keep Charge5 nearby even in your wallet due to its portable dimensions: 1.96x0.3x0.78 inches.

  • Maintain Battery Level

    Charge your battery as simple as plugging Charge5 in. Wi-Fi network authorization required.

  • No More Charging Pods

    Forget about wired charging. Use only Wi-Fi to charge.

  • For iOS Devices



  • For Android Devices



  • For MacOS